Take a look at some of En Jye’s past and present students.

Jonathan Chue, 7

Scarborough Fair

Christabel Yeo, 20

Allemande in E major, suite VI by JS Bach

Melody, 7

Indian Tom Tom

Matthias Tan, 11

Black Forest Polka

Goh Yu Chen

Arabesque No.1 by Debussy

Lee Yi Jing

Allegro Moderato (1st movement from Sonatina in D minor, op.27) by Zdenek Fibich

Angela Zhao, 6

It's the small world

Clara Chue, 18

Willie Wagglestick's Walkabout

Angela Zhao, 8

My Favorite things - from The Sound of Music

Eaden Soh, 9

Tango No 2 from Four modern dance tunes

En Jye

The Corpse Bride (Animation Movie)

En Jye

The Classic (Korean Movie)

Chue Qi Heng and En Jye

四手联弹 电影《不能说的秘密》

Stella Shu, 6

The Tennis Match

Dong Xinyi, 6

Mama’s Bakin’ Apple Pie

Kayla Quah, 10

One Moment in Time

Chen Yu Ze, 10

Rustic Dance

Angela Zhao An Qi, 10

Mister Trumpet Man

Chue Qi Heng, 20

Sonata in D minor, R.25 by Antonio Soler

Arielle Tok 9

Calypso Carnival

Kean Quah 6

Jingle Bells

Timothy Tan 6

Alley Cats

Ethel Chionh 25

Remote Xianggelila by Zhang Nan

Lucas 9

Inspector Beauregard

Erwin Liew 50

The Erie Canal Song

Christabel and En Jye

Flower Dance for 4 hands piano by Hiromi Tabei and Hiroto Sakurai

Teo Chee Yao 10


Yuze and En Jye

Heart & Soul by Hoagy Carmichael, Arranged by Phillip Keveren

Christabel Yeo

Homura- Demon Slayer

Christabel & En Jye

La La Land Medley - arranged by Bella & Lucas