Here are what En Jye’s students had to say about her…

Ms Chue is a caring and passionate teacher. I started learning piano at the age of 5. After my PSLE, I started learning from her and she has helped to reignite my love for music.

Noticing my weakness in sight reading, she drilled me in my music theory skills and this improved my sight-reading skills greatly. She is patient and will painstakingly explain till I understand.

She is a direct and strict teacher, which is what I admire about her. She gives me the drive to always further improve myself and teaches me that music is about discipline and hard work. My practice paid off as I managed to get a distinction for the recent Grade 7 ( 2015) and Grade 8  (2016) Piano Practical Exam.

Even so, when I do well in my exams, she will reward me with simple but heart-warming gifts as an encouragement to work harder the next round.

She is also a teacher who is always ready to learn and find out for herself if she does not know the answer. When I pose a question to her and she is unsure, she will write it down and give me an answer the next lesson.

Christabel Yeo Wen Ya

I remember Ms Chue as someone who emphasized heavily on not just the accuracy of notes, but more importantly the overall musicality required to play a piece. Anyone can tell you to practice until you get it right, but it takes experience to teach developing children how to play with emotion.

There were definitely moments where it came across my mind that she was much stricter than my previous piano teachers had been, but this was necessary to guide a young teenager like myself to have the right mindset towards music. As such, I believe a large part of why I achieved a distinction for my ABRSM grade 8 in piano was due to the tutelage of Ms Chue.

Goh Yu Chen

I learned piano with Ms Chue when I was 6 years old. She taught me how to read the notes and rhythms. I am happy that I am able to play the piano well.

Melody Tan

安琪是在 5 岁半的时候开始跟着朱老师学钢琴的,短短半年的时间里就可以弹奏一些比较长的复杂曲目,很多人惊讶于一个零基础的孩子可以学得这么快!我倒是觉得,方法找对了,事半功倍!朱老师一开始就非常重视乐理知识的学习,每节课几乎用一半的时间练习乐理知识。她的乐理知识训练,也是图文并茂,妙趣横生,不会让孩子觉得枯燥。实践证明,这种方法太有效了!乐理知识培养了孩子的识谱能力和对乐谱的理解,使后面的弹奏练习更加地水到渠成!由于会识谱,每当安琪从YOU TUBE 上发现好听的歌曲,就会找朱老师要曲谱,之后在家里自己练习。这首“小小世界”就是她自己在家里用两个星期练习的成果。孩子的每一个小小的进步,都让我感到很欣慰,也让我由衷地感恩,能够遇到朱老师这样的好老师!希望有更多的孩子,能够跟朱老师一起,快乐学习,快乐成长。


赵安琪 Angela Zhao

I have been learning with Ms.Chue since I was in K1. The learning journey was interesting because I got to play many pieces from different periods like Baroque, Classical, Romantic and Contemporary music. I also got a chance to play Pop music, music from the movies and music from popular pianists such as Richard Clayderman. Last by not least, I will be taking my grade 8 Trinity college examination in December 2017.

Clara Chue